Marie Porter, Spandex Costumer
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For our ordering policies for individual orders, click here

Club/Group Custom Order Policies

Booking your appointment

• Appointments are booked on a first come, first served basis. Book early to avoid disappointment.

• If your synchro club intends to book a fall appointment, please let us know the approximate date that your swimmers will be back, and teams chosen ASAP. This will help us book our fall orders tour.


• Whether ordering in person or long-distance, there are a few forms involved. We will need one signed Club Order Agreement per club order, plus one Team Sizing Form per team/duet/trio/solo being ordered.

• An invoice will be generated once the entire group order is arranged, and can be sent to you via email.

At the appointment (In-person)

• Clubs are asked to inform all coaches as early as possible about the date of the appointment, and to request that the coaches have their themes finalized by that date. Please note that it is not necessarily required that the team numbers be finalized by the appointment date.

• We can design, coaches or club officials / swimmers can design.. or any combination thereof. If people on your end are designing, we may have to tinker with the design if there are any issues (for instance, if the design is such that there is not enough support somewhere, and the suit would flap open) as far as feasibility goes. If you would like us to design, please bring a CD or tape of the music, and a CD player to the appointment. It also helps if coaches have a general idea formed as to what they are looking for - a colour, a cut, anything. Just something to use as a starting point!

• We will bring all of our fabric samples to the appointment. Some fabrics are not suitable for swimwear, some are only suitable in certain circumstances. (For instance.. Can be used as an accent, but not a full suit). We will advise you about any possible complications / incompatibilities of fabrics at the time of the appointment.

Booking your clubs suits (NOT in-person!)

• Club suits are booked on a first come, first served basis. Book early to avoid disappointment.

• Contact us at your earliest convenience, by phone or email. If you have sketches or ideas for suits, please email or mail them to us ASAP.

• If your club would like us to design the suits, please let us know as many details about your music, theme, and what you are looking for in a suit, should you have any guidelines. "I'd like them to be pink" or "Asymmetrical with lots of edges!" are good examples! We will design the suits, and email the sketches to you.


• Payment is due in full at time of the appointment, by club check (or prepaid by credit card, online). Fabric is not ordered or cut before payment is received, and clears at the bank.

• Any changes to the initial order (swimmers added or removed), may be dealt with by additional payment or refund.

• In the event that a swimmer is removed from / quits a team BEFORE that team’s order is cut, a refund / credit may be issued to the club. If the swimmer is removed / quits AFTER the order is cut, the suit(s) for that swimmer will be completed and shipped with the rest of the clubs order. For this reason, it is advised that a club collects swimsuit payments as early as possible.


• Fit is guaranteed as long as Marie Porter takes the measurements. Should any alterations be required (assuming no change in the swimmers’ measurements, see below), they will be provided free of charge.

• In the event that someone else has to take the measurements, we will provide detailed measurement information, and a pictorial chart of where to take the measurements - but we cannot be held responsible for any fitting problems that may arise from someone else taking the measurements. Any alterations in the case MAY occur alteration fees.

• Should an athlete outgrow her suit in the time between the suit order, and the delivery (or anytime thereafter), a new suit must be ordered, and will be charged out at the same price as the original. “Outgrown” is considered to be a change of at least 2" in any widthwise (chest, waist, hips) measurement, or more than 1" in length. In the event that a suit is too small at the time of the fitting, measurements will be taken at that time, and compared against the original measurements. If the fault lies on our end - ie: no change in measurements - a new suit will be provided free of charge.

• All synchro orders are assumed to be “Synchro Cut”, unless specifically asked not to be. “Synchro Cut” is cut high on the hips, and most likely will be tighter than a swimmer is used to in recreational / practice swimwear. If your group of swimmers is new to “Synchro Cut”, we request that you inform the parents ahead of time, in order to prevent any shock / unpleasant surprises when the suits are delivered.


• Rush orders (Depends on workload, Usually within 2-4 weeks) can usually be accommodated, but will incur a surcharge of $50 per garment. Any rush fees incurred will be the responsibility of the customer. (Overnight shipping of fabric, if required, rush shipping of the finished garment, etc)

• Shipping (when applicable) is not included in the price of your order. We ship by USPS Priority, as they are fast and trackable. If the club has an account of their own with another carrier, we would be more than happy to ship via that.

• All team, combo, trio, and duet orders placed at the time of the appointment must be dealt with through the club contact person / head coach, who will act as a liaison between Celebration Generation, and parents / swimmers / other coaches. Things can get confusing when dealing with more than one person about any issue!

• Any changes to suit style , design, colour, or fabric will result in redesign / new fabric purchase surcharges. These will be discussed and quoted at the time of any changes, and will depend on the circumstances (whether it’s before or after the fabric is ordered / cut, whether or not new fabric needs to be special ordered, or is already in stock, etc)

• All sales are final. Due to the custom nature of the orders, as well as hygiene concerns, we are not able to accept returns of garments - refunds are not available.

• We ask that the only people present at fittings are the involved people being fitted, and coach(es). No parents, please!