Marie Porter, Spandex Costumer
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Figure Skating Gallery

Here are just a few a few examples of Marie’s past custom figure skating dresses.

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#BringBackPracticeDresses !

Now that I'm back on the ice myself, I have a more personal investment in skating fashion! I was disappointed to see that black tights and jackets seems to be the default practice "uniform" these days. I miss the ridiculous practice dresses we used to wear back in the day - the more obnoxious, the better!

I'm not alone in that, so a handful of us old farts have decided to #BringBackPracticeDresses!

For my part, I've been living by example, making obnoxious practice dresses for my own skating. I've also been stockpiling amazingly ridiculous printed spandex, and will soon be offering custom practice dresses for sale on my Etsy.