Marie Porter, Spandex Costumer
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Design Fee

For orders I am designing, I require a $50 (CAD) design fee, payable before the design work starts. This is a separate charge from your costume order.

Each design fee is for designing *one* synchro swimsuit / wrestling set / skating dress / etc. Please note that for multiple designs / design options, you will need to change the quantity ordered to the number of designs required.

For example:

1. If you are ordering for 6 different teams and 2 solos - and I am designing them all - you will need to add 8 design fees to the cart.

2. If you are ordering for 5 different teams and you are supplying designs for 3 of them, please add 2 design fees to your cart.

3. If you are ordering 1 suit, but would like 2 different designs to choose from, please add 2 design fees to your cart.

4. If you are ordering 1 pair of tights, add 1 design fee. 2 different pairs of tights, add 2 design fees. If you are ordering two pairs of tights but with the same design (even if different colours), add 1 design fee.


Design fee is to be paid before design work begins.

Fee covers the time for 1 main design, and up to two minor revisions.

This is a fee separate from your custom garment order, and pays for my time designing. It is NOT applied against the cost of your order.

This fee covers the time involved in consulting and designing, and is not an agreement to purchase or license the resulting design. Design remains property of Marie Porter.

Design fee is non refundable, as time is not returnable :).