Marie Porter, Spandex Costumer
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Cosplay Gallery

Here are just a few a few examples of Marie’s past custom cosplay costuming. Note: We are currently only accepting orders for spandex based costumes.

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"Mini Katniss" - Katniss's Wedding Gown from The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Sculpted Latex Smaug bodice

Smaug - 15' wing span, 8.5' long tail!


"Disney Princess Wolverine", and Iron Man Ballgown / "Iron Maiden"

Wolverine Ballgown and Hikaru from Angelic Layer, Faye Valentine, Evangelion

Goro Majima Karaoke costume - "24 Hour Cinderella"

Custom Prince themed Kylo Ren lightsaber - "Purple Ren".

Miss Marvel, Captain Marvel, Rogue, Magneto

Ms Marvel, Frosta

"Jupiter" gown from "Jupiter Ascending"

Jupiter, Ronan the Accuser, Gambit, and Rogue

Bombur, The Master (Delgado), Pink Dalek gown

Katniss Arena Suit, Beast, She-Ra

Aquaman x 2 - Smallville & comic versions

"Thorin" from The Hobbit. We made the entire costume, including custom wig and "Orcrist" sword. More photos here.

"Thranduil" from The Hobbit. Made everything but the wig: coat, custom boots, crown, and jewelry. More photos here.

"The Hurricane" Halloween costume

Marvel's "Loki", complete with custom, LED-lit Chitauri Scepter

"The Blue Raja" (Mystery Men) & Lieutenant Ilia (Star Trek)

Triceracop costume, from "Kung Fury"

DJ Bobo costume - "Vampires Are Alive", Macklemore costume - "And We Danced"

"Supreme Commander" (V), Evil-Lyn (He-Man), Stormer (Jem), and Catra (She-Ra)


"The Bowler" and "The Blue Raja" (Mystery Men), Star Trek, "Janet" (Rocky Horror Picture Show)

Weeping Angel, Idris Costumes (Doctor Who)

"Gandalf the Fabulous" - The staff features an LED-lit, rotating disco ball!